прошёл 5-6 декабря 2023 года

Тема юбилейного конгресса:
"ИТ-глобализация 2.0: трансформация мира ИТ в эпоху искусственного интеллекта" 
Smart devices and things are rapidly entering our lives, making it more convenient and interesting. Just yesterday, a smart home was the epitome of high technology, and today generative intelligence, interactive learning, business analytics, smart environments, smart governments and smart cities are among the top discussed global trends.

SMART is not just technology, it is a transformation of the social model.

The intellectual potential of a person, multiplied by the power of modern technologies and combined by them into a collective mind, becomes the basis of modern society.
Our time is time of SMART
Organizers of the SMART RUSSIA 2023 Congress:
Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation and the Institute of Philosophy of the Russian Academy of Sciences with the support of the Union of IT Directors of Russia and the EXPINET expert network

The main theme of the SMART RUSSIA 2023 Congress:
"IT Globalization 2.0: Transformation of the IT world in the era of artificial intelligence"

The main goals and objectives of the SMART RUSSIA 2023 Congress:
Within the framework of this congress, recommendations will be prepared to the governments of all countries on restarting the process of globalization in IT, taking into account new technological challenges:
- globalization in the IT industry has led to the creation of a few IT giants, which does not meet the realities of the new world, requiring the involvement of more countries in the development of technology;
- digital technologies and artificial intelligence, in particular, are invading people's daily lives and require special attention from society.
@ SMART RUSSIA 2014 - 2023
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